Liberty Construction


Window Replacement

Is it time for new windows? Let Liberty Construction visit your home and measure your existing windows and give you a free quote on new energy efficient windows. New energy efficient windows will not only enhance the look of your home, but will save you money on your heating and cooling bills. With many designs, brands, features, sizes, and colors to choose from we can find and install the right windows for your home. There is no middle man to go through, Liberty will order and install your new windows leaving you with a quality finished product. We can handle all types of window shapes, and hard to fit solutions. With exemplary communication throughout the process from start to finish, we will leave your home looking great from the outside, and energy efficient from the inside.

Door Replacement

Liberty Construction installs all types of doors. Whether you are looking for a beautiful front door to accent your homes exterior, or installing sliding glass doors onto your patio or porch, we’ve got you covered! With many designs, features, sizes, and colors to choose from we can find and install the right doors in your home. There is no middle man to go through, Liberty will order and install your new door’s leaving you with a quality finished product. We can handle all types of door configurations, and hard to fit solutions.

Bath Remodeling Solutions

Spending money on your master bathroom is one of the best investments you can make to your home. The latest trend in bath remodels is to remove a tub that is seldom used and create a larger bath space overall, with a grand shower.

We utilize the latest designs and techniques to provide a truly relaxing space, creating a spa like experience for your master bath retreat. We can retrofit an existing bath with a modern flair utilizing limited space. We provide quality stone and tile work and are experts at redesigning dated spaces.

We can even add an extra bath in your home!

Kitchen Remodeling Solutions

Perhaps you want a complete kitchen overhaul, or maybe just a face lift, we can do both. Second to an update to the master bath, the kitchen is where you will make the greatest return on investment when reselling your home.

An overhaul would include re-configuration to better utilize space, new cabinetry, counters, flooring and appliances. We can even create unique electrical solutions to bring your home up to the WOW factor.

If you a more budget minded, but would like a completely new look to the center of your home, a simple interior paint job or reface of your cabinets can make an amazing difference until you are ready for the complete over-haul!

Other Rooms

Do you have a room that would better suit your lifestyle by being enclosed? Older homes were designed with formal living spaces, seldom do today’s family lifestyles have time to enjoy this space. Let Liberty Construction consult with you on how to transform this otherwise un-used space into an office, study, or play room.

Conversely, do you have a load bearing or non-load bearing wall or columns that simply seem outdated and break up your living space? Let us evaluate the structural integrity of the wall or columns and provide you with all your options!

Cabinets and Built-Ins

We accommodate every type of budget for cabinets and built-ins. From custom made to installation of pre-fabricated products (for example IKEA). We can paint or stain your existing cabinetry, reface the doors or make new ones from scratch. Looking to create a unique office space or update storage in your closet? Whatever your budget or design, we can make-over or create any cabinetry to your specific needs.


You don’t have to build a mansion to have a home! Efficient and economical mini-homes are rising in popularity all across the county, but especially in Austin. We provide solutions that maximize space and minimal cost that include central HVAC and plumbing to Keep Austin Weird.

Casitas and Pool Houses

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to build an extra space for your entertaining needs. From a simple changing room to a full secondary living space with kitchenette and plumbing, we can create an additional living area for your needs.

Storage Buildings

We will help you create a beautiful space to store the unsightly items that need a place to call home. Wouldn’t you rather use your garage for your cars and clear the area of your lawn equipment and kids toys? Imagine an easy to enter, beautiful storage space for all your extra items.

Decks and Pergolas

If you are looking to improve your outdoor space for entertaining or to enjoy with your family, we can provide ideas that will offer a tranquil setting. Decks alone, pergolas, or a simple covered patio can completely transform your backyard.