Liberty Construction

The Crew

Mike Bonnet – Craftsman & Carpenter: Mike is a crazy craftsman. He can create, fix and envision anything. There is never a road block, but always a solution when Mike is on the job. When he is not working hard for you, he enjoys his 2 children, Nolan and Eleanor and his forever wife Terri. Mike is the lead on every job to ensure you have the highest quality finish.

Craig McGuire – Service and Scheduling: Craig’s attention to detail and customer service will blow you away. A true-bred Texan, he will make sure you are right at home in your new surroundings. Before, during, and after your project, he will take care of all your questions, requests and concerns with the most prompt and polite service you could ever imagine. Craig is the first to call himself lucky to have a full family with his wife Tara and three amazing kids, Mason, Aden and Samantha… oh, and our dogs Magnum and Tipper.

The Rest of the Crew – Liberty Construction has long-time relationships with multiple trades in the Austin area. With a high demand for specialists in all areas of construction, we are fortunate to have deep relationships with high quality professionals in all trades that give us priority for your project.

Why We Do It

Taking great pride in customer service and quality workmanship, Liberty Construction strives to deliver on time and honest work that exceeds our clients expectations.